Although Margaret River has been a known Australian commodity for years, it is only now on the verge of becoming a household name around the globe. Having been officially named as a World Tour spot for both the men and ladies starting in 2014, Marg’s will be ripped to shreds by the world’s best surfers, with the whole circus being broadcast live to the world. But Margaret River isn’t the only wave in the area, as there are a number of slabs and beach breaks on offer as well. To get you ready for next year’s Drug Aware Pro Event, we have put together a list of the top five waves in the Margaret River area.

1)     Margaret River: A powerful if not top-to-bottom reef peak comparable to Sunset Beach in Hawaii, The Point at Margaret River can handle swell in the quadruple overhead+ range, and is a true test of bravery and skill. Predominantly a left when it is large, The Point also has a righthander that can be fun in the head high+ range, offering lots of power and perfect air wind. This is the main venue for the Drug Aware Pro.

2)     The Box: The original slab, The Box was a popular novelty wave for visiting pros in the early 1990s, but has fallen off our radar a touch following the discovery of dozens of heavier, bigger slabs around the world. But dropping in under the lip at double overhead Box and pulling into a barrel as wide as it is tall is still a hairy feet, and a number of competitors will be licking their chops at the thought of this righthand slab as a backup venue for the Drug Aware Pro.

3)     North Point: One of Australia’s best barrels, North Point is a draining righthand reef/point that can offer lengthy tube rides of over 100 meters—if you are able to figure out the confusing lineup and deal with the ever-present crowds. North Point is another backup venue for the yearly world tour event—although there are very few people who would consider this wave to be a mere “backup.” If it breaks, they will run the contest here.

4)     South Point: A heavy but somewhat pinchy lefthand barrel in Cowarump Bay, South Point may not be as perfect as North Point, but when it’s breaking it is worth the paddle—especially if you are a goofyfoot looking for frontside tube rides.

5)     Cow Bommie: A big wave hell spot, Cow Bommie is typically towed when it gets big enough to do its thing, although it is definitely paddleable if you have the gumption. A left and right peak that rarely breaks, the Bommie can handle massive—all you need is the right swell and a sack full of brass.