Surfing in Costa Rica is amazing. Warm water, great waves and amazing weather is why Costa Rica is a Dreamland for Surfers. The west coast of Costa Rica is pretty consistently pumping waves all year round with slight ups and downs dude to swells, its best April thru September. The Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica has a flat season usually September thru November where the ocean can look like a swimming pool. However, the occasional swell has popped up and I’ve surfed head high clean breaking Salsa Brava in mid flat season. The best time to get the most consistent surf in the Caribbean is December thru early March.

Be sure to contact Hershell at the Caribbean Surf School right in town. He is a great guy and a Caribbean born and raised local. He can show you all the Surf Breaks you might never find. (506)83577703 tell him Lion sent you.
When traveling this country Interbus and Greyline transportation services not only get you where you need o go but it is a safe and economical way to travel. Gas is five dollars a gallon or more in Costa Rica not to mention your mandatory car insurance and rental fees. 40$ a head and you can get from San Jose to Any beach resort. Liberia Airport is also a great option as it is way closer to the Northern pacific beaches.
Playa Jaco is the closest beach to San Jose. It is about an hour and change via the new highway. I consider it a tourist trap, and one of the WORST beach towns in Costa Rica. Jaco Beach is less than desirable, the waves in Jaco bay are good for beginners but the water is far from pristine. Play Hermosa is just a short drive away from Jaco and is a surfers dream; Mile after mile of amazing beach breaks and epic barrels. You’re a short taxi or car ride away from the night life in Jaco, the one thing Jaco is good for.

As you move further north you get to the southern tip of Guanacaste, Costa Ricas Surf Heaven. Malpais and Santa Teresa are small beach towns with great beach breaks. will put you in a gorgeous boutique hotel environment on some amazing breaks. They are a Billabong sponsored camp and an amazing place to stay. As you move up the coast to Nosara another small but growing surfer colony you can appreciate Costa Rica for the Pura Vida or Pure Life that it is. Avellanas and Playa Negra are also places with epic surf and not much else to do. Moving up to Tamarindo and not only is there Surf but a bustling nightlife. If Surfing the northern pacific it is necessary to get in touch with local surf legend Marco Pacheco He will not only show you some great places to surf but he is also a inspiring instructor and has a great technical eye. Again, be sure to tell him Lion sent you.

By The Fat Surfer