As a family, finding amazing and fun activities to satisfy your entourage may seem arduous, considering the overwhelming number of choices. Trips to the cottage, lounging poolside and barbecues are great ideas for a much needed break, but are also traditional ways of entertainment. Family surf holidays are rather unique as water based activities are preferred by all age groups, and there is no limit to the fun you can endure. A number of holiday goers are skeptical about this sport, and often classify it as highly demanding, which is true to a certain extent, but surfing is the only sport that allows you to appreciate rolling ocean swells, diverse landscapes and panoramic landscapes.

There are a number of surfing destinations spread across the globe, which makes family surf holidays versatile, meaning you decide the time of year to embark on your thrilling getaway. Surfing for beginners does not need constant attention by a tutor, and is also less expensive since most resorts include a few or most sessions with your package cost. Tropical resorts are not just limited to surfing, but include an array of other water based activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, canoeing and boating, which are sure shot forms of entertainment for the grizzled warriors of old, toddlers as well the young at heart.

Hawaii enjoys a year round tropical climate, making it one of the most prominent destinations to experience a memorable vacation. There are however two surf seasons in Hawaii, divided between summer and winter. November to March is regarded as a winter break, where massive swells can be experienced on the islands northern shores. Although this time of year is great for both beginners and experts alike, it is a recommended time for the latter. The summer however is the ultimate way to experience subtle waves for beginners and intermediates on the southern shores of the Hawaii and runs between April and October.

Next on the list for the budget surfers has to be Costa Rica, which is not only home to 700 miles of golden shores but also in the midst of the Caribbean and Pacific oceans. Just like Hawaii, cost Rica is a year round surfing destination and is notable for its friendly people and excellent summer camps for kids and adults alike. To add to the list, Cost Rica is a haven for tantalizing cuisine, unsurpassed shopping, eco-minded culture, and a host of water sports to include wind-surfing, mountain biking, canopy tours and white water rafting.

Keep in mind that you may or will be travelling with toddlers, who definitely need attention, which can alter your current schedule. For this reason, it is best to delineate an itinerary that is simple and one that will be compatible with the pace of your young ones. Sightseeing for long periods is not recommended as your child may get bored, and limiting one activity a day may be good for all members.

Most destinations offer professional babysitting for children, which will help you from sweating the details. Skip the destinations that are overcrowded, venues lacking an abundance of shade and opt for family oriented camps, nature resorts or beach retreats. The above are just some tips to ensure you choose your destination appropriately and experience a memorable family surfing vacation. 

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