Cheap Surfing Holidays

Taking a vacation is always a good idea, but for some remains a dream simply due to budget restraints. Surprisingly, there are a number of cheap surfing holidays to pursue which will not only keep your entire family entertained but also keep you coming back again and again. With any budget vacation, the three most crucial aspects to agree to are travel, accommodation, plus the things to do included in your package.

Tucked away in the Western Coast of Sumatra in Indonesia, Mentawai is a cluster of 70 islands and what better way to an epic vacation than on a Surf Boat. Your packages in this area can include a number of basic amenities such as water and other refreshments, three square meals, an experienced surf guide, an engineer, captain, DVD player combined with air-conditioned bunk beds, and most importantly it hovers you to and from to the same surf spots as those that would have cost you a lot through other medians.

In the midst of the Cook Islands NZ lies Ratotonga, which is dominated by the mountain peaks and is 32 km in circumference and protrudes 653 meters above sea level. These islands in the South Pacific Ocean are circumvented by a panoramic backdrop, reef and complimented by promenades of sugary beaches and turquoise waters. Surfing on the island varies between 40 to 200 meters offshore so there is no boat needed to explore the vicinity.

Figueira da Foz also referred to as Figueira lies on the tip of the Montego River in Portugal, and is home to a number of pristine beaches and seaport facilities. This venue is ideal for beginners and is less crowded and cheaper than an hour or so further down the main coast. Figueira is home to just one surfing school, and also features the cheapest surf camp in Europe. The numbers above may deceive you into thinking that this region is incompetent of waves, but fourteen roughly surf spots in a twenty minute drive effaces that inference.

For a more family oriented cheap surfing holiday, the swells of the Costa Rica may be an ideal spot for budget surfers and for beginners alike. With 200 miles of unsurpassed coastline to boast, the swimming pools, accommodations are usually within a short distance from the designated surf spots. Indonesia is renowned for its large waves and good news is that they are cheap to explore. Not too far away from home, Brazil offers a number of distinct cheap surfing venues, which offer budget accommodation and surf lessons at low prices.
Surfing in Morocco is becoming increasingly popular in recent times, and with just under 2000 miles of coastline, this Muslim dominated country is definitely not to be missed. Taghazoute is a small fishing village in Morocco and being just 40 minutes away from the international airport, makes it a superior surfing location.

There is a number of cheap surfing holidays that offers you the best of perks, and is a great way to learn and mean like minded surfers.

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