If you’re planning a surf trip this page will give you a breakdown of our top places to visit. We have divided the listings into separate regions. To get a better breakdown of the reviews and amenities available at the surf camp, surf school, surf accommodation, surf resort or surf charter simply click on the places link to visit their listings page.

Thanks to our years of experience at Surf Sleep Travel we are aware of some of the common questions that many people have when booking a surf trip. Things to consider before booking your surf trip.

(1) Are the waves suitable for your ability of surfing? One of the most important things to consider before booking your surf trip is your ability, and what’s the difficulty of the waves in the region that you are visiting. The last thing you want to do is to turn up on the first day and find that you as a beginner are having surf over shallow coral reef.

(2) What are the local customs and traditions of the region you are visiting for your surf trip. Many of the world’s best surf locations are found in more remote and less-developed parts of the world, so is important check that the local amenities and customs are going match your expectations before your surf trip

(3) What facilities does the place you are visiting have. The most commonly asked questions we get are; does the surf accommodation have Wi-Fi, how much food will I get on my surf trip, what is the accommodation like on my surf trip, will I be able to hire surfboards when I arrive and does the surf camp run surf lessons.

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