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    Accomodations were ok, rats at night will eat any unprotected food. Food was great due to the fact that I caught fresh fish and the ladies prepared it from the kitchen. Didn’t get decent swell in the 7 days, 2,4ft at a little wedge type wave across the bay. The owner didn’t even know what the waves were like at the close by offshore islands and doesn,t want to venture out. Boat drivers were a problem from the start and would only launch at high tide, low tide will leave you stranded 50+ yards from the water, boat drivers said come back later! Camp is advertised and the Owner claims you are on an off shore island, untrue. check google earth and you will see. Owner left after the first day and the workers basicaly didn,t want to do anything, can,t blame them as they are not paid well, surf guide Daniel from Brazil was cool and did his best with little help from the boat drivers. Pass on this place at all cost.

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    Do not go to Morro Negrito under any circumstances. This camp is being managed by Steve Thompson and he is living in Salt Lake City – not Panama. While we were there, the surf guide quit the 2nd day and the cook quit the 4th day. No replacement chef was provided to us for over 24 hours. We would have been left alone at the camp if we didn’t choose to leave. The owner is refusing to give our money back because we “left early” and that sometimes “campers” need to make their own meals. We were without a meal at the camp for over 24 hours and had to go to their “port” to get fed – a 35 minute boat ride away. I have documentation about all that happened down there. A camp like this needs to be managed with the owner (or partner) onsite and not to rely on employees that don’t care about the camp, business or campers safety. Unfortunately, the waves here are great with the right swells. They can be uncrowded, but surfers have figured out ways to hire boats from the mainland to surf a few of the spots. If you want to go to Panama, go to Santa Catalina. The wave might be crowded during the swell, but the accommodations are cheap and there are backpackers all over the town to party with.

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