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    Professional, friendly, open-minded local guys, was a great experience learn from them. Not just good surfers but very good instructors as well. Always paying attention to us, to the conditions, to our needs and expectations. They were perfect teachers both for beginners and for intermediate surfers in our group. Really nice persons not just in the water but also outside. We could improve our surfing technique and knowledge a lot and had the opportunity to try different conditions, boards and spots. Thanks to them we to found the best waves, discovered different spots, found secret places and enjoyed not just the turistic and surfer part of Morocco but the real local atmosphere. We liked very much the cool surf house built in traditional stye. Nice lounge to relax and eat together, supernice staff especially with our 2 chefs preparing delicious local meals, beautiful view to the ocean (to check the spots!), terraces to do yoga and stretching after surfing. We will definitely return! 🙂 Shukran guys!!!

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