Ok so you’re a surf camp provider in Portugal or a surf school in Bali or maybe you’ve just got some property near to some great surf spots in Costa Rica? You want surfers to find out more about you & hopefully book through you. Again there’s a lot of different opinions and ideas on what to do in terms of getting yourself up in the Google rankings for specific keywords.

The one thing that still rules the search engine world is links back to your site from other websites. A lot of people go chasing links in comments / forums of other websites and try to trick google to giving their surf accommodation/surf school a boost; this isn’t working so much anymore, your best bet is to find 3 or 4 surfing websites and to start writing for them about your local area, the surf spots, issues etc, in return ask for a link in the footer (not the copy as Google will work this one out) – just mention your surf camp, accommodation or school along with the phrase you would like to rank for – for example surf hostel in Portugal. Over time these links will give you a boost and then after a year look to find some new sites to write for. It’s a simple way to take action and let surfers find you.

In terms of working out what websites to write for that will be in our next update!

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