Facebook is becoming a bit of a maze with all the different advertising options that are available to you and I. But I wanted to share one simple trick that could really help to boost your followers, when we started using this on our facebook page Daily Surf Videos we received a boost of 300% in new people liking our page.

So how does it work? The key thing is to have some amazing shots of the waves near your surf camp, accommodation, hostel etc. You should always try to keep in the back of the mind, would I share this photo with a friend if this wasn’t my own shot?

Once you’ve captured the moment, head over to facebook, upload the photo to your page, and instead of just hitting the post button you need to target the post to your current followers in a certain location. If you look to the left of the post button you’ll see a targeting button, simply click this and you can select what you would like to target (gender, relationship status etc) in this case we want to target location.

Targeted Post Facebook

Once you click on all locations this box will come up.


You can then target by the country you would like to promote your facebook page to. Select choose locations and your post is now ready to go (after you’ve entered in a bit of text about the shot, or an offer?).

Once your post is up and running and has a few views you need to look for this box at the bottom under the comments.


You may need to enter your credit card details if you haven’t got an advertising account with facebook but you will then see several different amounts it would cost to promote your page to different facebook fans. You can find more information on promoted posts on facebook’s page here. The key thing here is to make sure you are promoting the post to your fans and their friends not just your current fans. Choose your amount and your good to go.

If you need any advice on promoting your accomodation, surf camps, surf school or more to potential customers feel free to drop us an email via the support tab,


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