Life at your Destination

What is the experience like on a surf trip, hotel, or surf rental property? This section answers a multitude of questions we hear from our people about what “Life at Your Destination” is like and what you can do to make the most out of your holiday.

What are the waves like at my destination?

The most important question! For a look at what the waves are like at each destination please refer to the individual destination’s website for a breakdown of what you can expect on your expedition. Of course feel free to reach out to your point of contact and ask them any additional questions you might have.

Any tips on proper surfing etiquette?

Proper surf etiquette is crucial anywhere in the world. Show respect and get respect, keep it low key, simple, and fun!

Is there a general code of conduct I should follow during my stay?

Most surf resorts and surf charter boats go out of their way to make sure you are taken care of and have a successful trip.

  • Feel free to ask the staff any questions at anytime or for anything you need. If you are staying in a rental property please consult your property manager with your questions or requests.
  • Do your best to keep wet clothes outside or in their designated areas.
  • Point out problems or potential problems to the staff or property manager.
  • Keep your belongings in your designated areas.- Always use proper surf etiquette.
  • Conserve as much water as possible.
  • Always look out for other people.
  • Put trash where it belongs.
  • If you need housecleaning, extra towels, or anything let the manager or staff know.
  • Please use sunscreen, nothing can ruin your vacation more than a sunburn.
  • Please share waves with the guests at other resorts or from other boats, or in the local line-ups you are surfing.
  • Guests are welcome to tip the staff, please ask the manager the best way to handle tips directly.

Can I be contacted while I’m at these destinations?

Most people prefer to bring their own computers or smart phones to stay in touch with the real world in between surf sessions. The majority of our destinations feature a decent internet connection strong enough for internet based phone calls. Most of the time you can also get a 3G phone signal, even in areas that seem quite remote. How you decide to stay connected is up to you but please remember to alert your phone carrier before you leave and set up an international plan for your phone.

What is included and not included on my trip?

A decent website will have a section that breaks down what to expect on your trip, what is included, and what you need to be prepared for.

What is the accommodation like at my destination?

The ultimate goal is to find options that provide our a safe, affordable, and comfortable experience and hopefully one filled with plenty of fun waves as well. Your accommodation options are heavily dependent on the expedition offer you chose to go on. The overall aim is to find a trip with every potential budget in mind and spread the goodwill of discovering new waves.

What is the dining experience like at these destinations?

For specific details about dining options please visit the individual destination’s website where there is typically a section that will explain this in detail.

What other types of activities are available at the resort?

There are some surf resort and boat options that are 100% about searching for and finding waves and other experiences that are better suited for a family vacation mixed in with some occasional surf time. Again, the individual destination should have enough information to cover questions like this.

How much should I tip the staff when my trip finishes?

This is entirely up to you. The average tip averages about $10 US per day for any tour or destination and goes up. If you’ve had a great time, the staff did a wonderful job and were accommodating, let them know how you feel.

What happens when the trip ends?

At a lot of destinations once you get to the resort or on a boat all you have to focus on is getting as many good waves as possible. The trip is paid for and any extra purchases can normally be made via debit or credit card.

When any trip ends we recommend you take enough time to get prepared and located all of your possessions before departure. It’s a lot easier and less stressful to be ready to go the night before instead of throwing everything haphazardly into boardbags and backpacks when you need to catch a flight in 2 hours.

For most destinations it is ok to leave behind clothes and knick-knacks that are easily replaceable. The number one request from local staff is to get board-shorts so if you can leave anything that will assuredly be the most coveted gift besides a tip.