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Shores of Fear

Shores of Fear is the name we decided to give to our new surfing adventure and challenge;
our main objective is to ride the most mythical big wave in Europe: Nazaré, in Portugal.
Our starting point of thoughts is that most cultural and commercial objects around surfing
are today depicting the “end goal” or the final performance. We want to show what
happens behind the curtains of big wave surfing and to broadcast this to an audience of
passionate surfers and beginners, in order to reveal all the mental and physical training
required to achieve this objective.
We consider this project to be multifaceted and wish to create several variations around it.
The principal variation will be a filmed documentary, which we want to present to the
International Surf Film Festival, in Anglet – France, in 2018. We also want to create a book of
photographs, a bit like a photo diary, to cover this challenge.
In order to achieve this global project and to help us fulfilling our daily trainings and needs
in both France and Portugal, we are currently looking for sponsorships, either as a
contribution in kind or as a financial aid.