Salina Cruz in Southern Baja, Mexico is a land full of right hand points, and more importantly on the right day you can find yourself inside a glassy barrel staring out to your mates on the shoulder. Although Salina Cruz is now off limits to photographers due to a local push back against the overexposure the area saw in the 2000’s, this clip from last year featuring Damien Fahrenfort, Alex Gray, & Dusty Payne really does the place justice. The footage came from local photographer Matt Shuster who was in Salina Cruz at the same time as when the boys where cruising through Southern Baja. The great thing about the whole area of Salina Cruz is the potential for exploration, if you can grab yourself a decent pickup truck or 4X4 who knows how many untapped rights you might discover on the Baja coastline.

If you’re looking at planning a trip to the Baja Peninsula or Salina Cruz the best time to go is anytime between March and October. If you need some accommodation or are planning a surf holiday in Baja  just up the coast in Hualtuco is Infinity Surf Charters, and they’re surf guide Erik is exactly the person you need to help get around the beachbreaks between Salina Cruz and Hualtuco.

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