Newport Beach Surf TripsAlex Smith just sent in this clip from his blog  – the clip follows Alex and Koa on their summer spent making surf trips around Southern California. Featuring a heap of waves from one of the world’s most crowded stretches of surf land including Lower Trestles and Huntington Beach. Keep your eyes open for the bit Alex takes a foamie out to surf the Wedge at Newport Beach and takes a bit of a battering (see picture and 2:18 in the video). If you know any good accommodation for fellow surfers tripping up that stretch of coast please let us know in the comment box below or alternatively leave a review about where you stayed whilst travelling through the Southern California here.

  1. very cool video, surf photographer – #Surf
    Let me know if you ever want to use, incorporate a still shot,
    All Action Sports Photography in Orange County, sells usage rights to stock still shots as (filler) for commercial branding. Just contact the photographer.

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