While rumors continue to circulate about Kelly Slater’s game-changing artificial wave (the latest reports are that the first will be integrated into a new Gold Coast community within seven years), a group of surfer/physicists in Spain have been playing with a rippable waist high concept since mid-2011. Mick Fanning and Owen Wright decided to check San Sebastián’s Wavegarden out during a break in the European leg of the tour last year, and luckily for us a crew of cinematographers was on hand to capture the action. Imagine this wave two feet bigger…breaking in your backyard…then ask yourself what else is possible with a hand-dug pit and a few hundred meters of black plastic sheeting. Video thanks to AlienArtAgency find out more here http://www.margrafico.com/.

Have you been to the Wavegarden or do you know anywhere good to stay as a surfer in San Sebastian? If so please leave a comment below and help us build this website to become even more useful for the travelling surfer.

  1. That wave in Saudi Arabia or Dubai looks like a “real” wave. This one is very Allen Town wave pool like.

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