Surf Trip To Namibia This wave in Namibia has been on the receiving end of a lot of surf trips for pros of late. Skeleton Bay is one of the world’s premiere left hand point breaks thanks to its perfect beach profile which stretches for a couple of kilometres, the result is grinding barrels that go as far as your legs will take you on a good day.
As this clip show’s you’ve got to time you’re surf trip through Namibia right to score Skeleton bay firing on all cylinders. Marlon Lipke and company were on hand to weave their way through the onslaught of barrels that came down the point once the swell hit. If you don’t believe the post’s title skip to the end of the video to see one of the boys score what seems to be about a 27 second barrel on his backhand.
If you like the look of the wave you’ll need to plan your surf trip to Namibia soon, as Swellnet has recently pointed out the wave is not going to be around in the not too distant future. The combination of a constant battering of swell onto the Namibian coast from the Atlantic and the fact that the point has no stable bottom will most probably result in Skeleton Bay being gone in our lifetimes.
Travelling to Namibia is a bit of wallet breaker from places like Australia where you can expect to pay $2448 dollars for a flight from Sydney, thanks to it’s proximity travel to Namibia is a lot more reasonable from Europe and from the US it depends but you’d be looking at around $1500 to get to Namibia and then you’ll need to source out a hire car for the trip down to the surf.
If you’ve been to the area please let us know where you stayed below – Thanks

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