Surfing Sydney Australia

What Coolangatta is to Gold Coast surfing, Sydney is to NSW. Which is to say that it’s the epicenter. With waves, parties, culture, music, arts and nearly five million people, Sydney might just be the best surf metropolis on the planet.

Surfing Sydney Australia. Photo thanks to Surf School Sydney

The Sydney Surf: Sydney has everything from user-friendly beach breaks to heavily localized death slabs—and all that fits between—making it one of the most diverse surf regions in Australia. Depending where you surf, the waves range from beginner to expert only.

Five Waves Worth Surfing in Sydney:

Five Waves Worth Surfing in Sydney:

Sydney Water: Sydney is the biggest and most heavily populated city in Australia, so the water clarity is understandably sub-par. Surface temps are relatively moderate, however, ranging from 64 to 73 F (18 to 23 C).

The Season: Fall and winter are your best bet (March through August).

The Vibe: Depending on where you go, you could be mixing it up with kooks, pros, working class heroes and super aggressive gangsters. The only guarantee is that it will be crowded.

Things To Do: Sydney is the biggest city in Australia. If you can’t think of something to do, go look at the Opera House with all the other tourists.

Where To Stay: Lots of backpackers in Sydney, so you’ll have no trouble finding hostels and other relatively cheap accommodation options. Which part of the city you stay in depends on what waves you want to surf.

What To Bring: A shortboard and a step-up. A 3/2 wetsuit. Your fanciest flip-flops and a pocket full of cash. Your best hassling skills (and a ticket out of town to the nearby national parks when you realize that everyone else in the water can out-hassle you).

Getting There: Sydney Airports is one of the biggest in Australia, so this one is a no-brainer. Tourist visas can be arranged online before arrival and involve little to no hassle. Airport code: SYD.

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