Garrett McNamara num tubo louco na Praia do Norte, na Nazaré. Todos os olhos estão postos no ZON North Canyon 2013…

Garrett McNamara riding a barrel in Praia do Norte, Nazaré. Everyone is facing ZON North Canyon 2013…
Instagram: mcnamara_s

Filmado por/filmed by: Jorge Leal

Editado por/edited by: Diogo Silva

Música/Music: Daniel Waples – Hang drum solo.

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  1. Gayle O'Malley Ybarra

    I swam in the Ocean before I waded in a pool….with my arms wrapped around my Dad’s neck I knew, at. 3 yrs I was a part of the sea.I love your pics, comments and others sharing their experiences…thanx!

  2. Soulprogression

    Love this, and stoked to see the guys using two ways for safety, it made me think about snowboarding and backcountry. This type of big wave riding is really surfings closest thing to backcountry big mountain shredding. We’ve got the vests and inflatable suits for real heavy hold downs, but is there anything out there like the beacon? Might seem kind of dark, but on those real heavy hold downs you might have an extra chance of locating a homie in heavy soup.

    One Love just sharing some thoughts.