‘s footage from day 1 of the Volcom Pipe Pro. Music’s by Gap Dream and the song’ s Greased. The surf wasn’t really happening but the guys got some fun waves to get the competition under way.

All of the incredible footage in this video was captured on RED EPIC-MX cameras.

After four consecutive Lei Days and lots of wild and stormy weather, The 2014 Volcom Pipe Pro finally got underway on Thursday, Jan. 30th. Conditions were not exactly what everyone was hoping for but the north swell and clean condition offered up some fun and contestable rights at the Ehukai sand bar.

One of the highlights of the day was the “Volcom Last Chance Qualifier” (VLCQ) heat where Gavin Beschen, JD Irons, Kaimana Henry, Kawai Lindo, Bruce Irons and Jamie O’Brien battled for the last remaining wildcard spot in the event. Jamie rode the best wave of the heat scoring an 8.5 and backed it up with a 4.17 winning the heat and earning his place in heat 13 of the round of 96.

More videos, Photos, and info available at volcompipepro.com

Song: Greased
Band: Gap Dream
Album: Gap Dream
Courtesy of Burger Records

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