Epic Nias barrels. In this video you will see different angles of the same wave that will take you inside the barrel.
“Maui Boys Derek Escalera, Rafael Cursino and locals scored Nias on fire. This was the first big swell of the year since last september when Benjamin Sanches and Diego Santos scored Lagundri Bay. Tuesday May 13th, Nias woke up doing what its known for. Big and heavy 6ft with a couple of 8 footers double up Barrels. There was epic waves all day, even with the light onshore wind mid day. The swell lasted for 3 days, everyone got so barreled along with the locals.When the swell dropped we organized a beach clean up with Shinishi Nakamura, ambassador of Surfing For Life Foundation (Surfers Unite For Cancer Education & Awarenessof ) in Japan and Dollin Wau, well known Local. We provided free books and pens for all the kids that helped with the beach clean up. KEEP NIAS CLEAN…
Rafa’s View.