Surf Sleep Travel is part of Swell Foundry Limited. Based out of the UK we love to travel and surf. We run Daily Surf Videos and Surf Sleep Travel. For career information or to find out more about us please visit the Swell Foundry company website.

The Team


Nick Braithwaite – Business Development/ Engineer
If he’s not working on getting new clients on the Swell Foundry sites then there’s a high chance you’ll find him checking the tide clock and grabbing a surf when he can.



Elizabeth Wilson – Marketing Manager
A teacher by trade Elizabeth enjoys the world of online marketing and has become a key part in helping Swell Foundry’s websites growing their audiences.



Anthony Braithwaite –  Customer Service Representative/Finance
A rugby fan and travel fanatic, happy customers and balanced books are what makes for a happy Ant. You’ll often find you chat to Ant when booking a trip through our sites.



Matt Rott – Writer
When not surfing or charging some of the world’s heaviest waves Matt Rott regularly contributes to the Swell Foundry sites and he was the lead writer of the Surf Sleep Travel guide.