About Us

Surf Sleep Travel is owned and operated by World Wave Expeditions, LLC and is based out of San Clemente, California .

Meet Our Owner

Anthony Marcotti’s  background is in tourism and development. His primary focus has been on operating surfing trips in the Mentawai Islands of Indonesia where he was a founder, partner, booking, and marketing manager in one of the most successful surf resorts in the world, Kandui Resort. From 2005 to 2012 he was also the sole booking agent and marketing manager for Martin Daly’s Indies Trader fleet. Prior to that he operated his own surf charter operation in the Mentawai Islands called Saraina Koat Mentawai where he oversaw six boats. In the past 20  years he has surfed and explored every part of Indonesia and has sent over 13,000 people on surf trips of their own to this area and beyond. His lifelong passion is the pursuit of perfect waves.

Anthony also owns and operates a surf travel agency called World Wave Expeditions. World Wave Expeditions was established in 2008 and has allowed Anthony to explore every corner of the surfing universe including all over the United States, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Peru, South Africa, Namibia, and more. 

Anthony has recently acquired SURF SLEEP TRAVEL to share his experiences, maintain travel listings,  and manage   SURF SLEEP TRAVEL’s popular Facebook channel.


Seller of Travel

World Wave Expeditions, LLC is fully accredited as a tour operator in the state of California, U.S.A. (CST Registration # 2130653). California law requires certain sellers of travel to have a trust account or bond. World Wave Expeditions, LLC has a trust account. All customer deposits are deposited into the trust account, and paid from the trust account directly to the travel supplier prior to the agency withdrawing its commission.