Surf Sleep Travel is starting from small beginnings but we’ve got big ambitions; here’s a little bit of info about the team:

Matt Rott Editor: Matt Rott surfs. Matt Rott writes. Matt Rott plays songs on his guitar while shaking and quaking and feeling the music. Matt Rott sleeps in Micronesia and California and Colorado, but spends most of his waking hours wandering aimlessly. Matt Rott loves barrels, and nose rides, and yoga, and barrels. Matt Rott shares his life with his beautiful partner Meagan. Matt Rott laughs a lot, and doesn’t take himself very seriously. Matt Rott thinks people who refer to themselves in the 3rd person are kooks.

Nick Braithwaite Founder: The site is all about making it as easy as possible for surfers to escape day to day life and have the best time possible on their trip. We also run Daily Surf Videos and having spent many hours dreaming away of far away waves it was frustrating that there wasn’t a surfer run site that had an easy to navigate guide to accommodation, camps and more importantly reviews of what the accommodation, people, locals and waves were like.

If you would like to list your accommodation there’s a 30 day trial all ready to go simply create your listing and follow the instructions here.


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